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Government Security Solutions

Providing Complete Solutions for Education, Government, Energy, Medical and Critical Condition Monitoring

Camera Surveillance System: Ranges from a basic, stand-alone, low cost camera and lens with monitor and Digital Video Recorder to record specific areas, to an IP based open design high definition surveillance system with network video management software that manages multi-megapixel IP cameras through a high definition NVR which captures, records and plays back in high definition surveillance footage. Average recording days usually range from one week to 30 days and additional recording days can be added.

Access Control Systems: Access Control Solutions that range from stand alone entry levels through networked, world-class enterprise systems. The system operates on management software with a broad range of features including door access control, alarm monitoring, visitor management through photo badging, email and threat level management. The software is managed through Microsoft Windows operating software with customization manager, enrollment manager, SQL manager, diagnostics and international language options.

Intrusion Alarm System E.g. Burglary Alarm System: A subscriber activates system that has been divided into separate “zoned” areas to allow the subscriber or alarm company to identify zoned location of trouble or alarmed equipment. The system can be divided into separate sub-grouped areas, audible and/or silent at premises and will transmit signals through phone lines , internet, and/or cellular technologies. A coded signal will be sent to the subscriber’s PDA device and Central Monitoring Center, giving each opening, closing, identification of the subscriber who armed and disarmed the system, trouble conditions, and/or alarm zoned area e.g. door contact, breakglass detector, passive motion detector, microwave unite and/or photo-electric beam.

Fire Life Safety- Addressable Fire Alarm System: An approved Addressable Fire Protection System with approved fire plans required by authorizing agency e.g. Local Fire Department, DSA, Federal, etc. The system detects and gives the alarm for fire , heat, smoke detectors, gas detectors or Carbon Monoxide detectors and will supervise condition on automatic sprinkler e.g waterflow devices , non-coded and coded fire devices and trouble supervising devices. The Addressable Fire Alarm is comprised of compatible approved initiating devices, control panels, power supplies, audible signals and other devices to provide early warnings to evacuate a premise, and to protect life. The Fire Alarm, signals an approved Central Monitoring Station to notify and dispatch responsible responding agencies or departments.

Critical Condition Monitoring: 24/7 hot system at a facility where certain high risk areas, life safety products, temperature controlled equipment, pressure levels, freezer controls, etc., are monitored to a Central Station and require immediate response and notification to subscriber.

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